commercial roofing materialsOverview

Commercial roofing materials in Raleigh, NC are made of different types ranging from natural products such as slate and thatch, to commercially made products such as polycarbonate sheeting and tiles. The roof`s outer layer shows ultimate variation depending on the nature and availability of supporting structure. Roofing materials may be put on the top of a secondary water resistant material known as underlayment.

Various types of commercial roofing materials

Several materials have been in use as weather-proofing material. These materials have been discussed below:


Shingles is the roofing material generic term which is in several overlapping section notwithstanding the nature material. This consists of:

Rubber singles which is an alternative to slate, asphalt, tile or shake. They are made primarily of rubber which is always recycled or derived from rubber. Other ingredients include U.V inhibitors, color and binders.

Metal shingles are suitable for roofs of 3/12 pitch or more due to the flexibility of metal. They can be made to lock together to ensure durability and enhance assembling.

Asphalt shingles are cost effective materials for homes. They need a standard preparation and installation tools amounting between $763 and $8330 to be installed.

Ceramic Tile

This consists of monk and Nun that are styles similar to tegula and imbrex, basically applying two imbrex tiles. Tile roofs are fire resistant and durable.

The concrete and clay roofing tiles are very popular and installation prices generally vary from $1642 to $1437. The rates are affected by material and type of the tile used.

Thatch Roofing

This is also known as flat roofing. It is roofing by plant stalks in overlapping layers. It consists of wheat straw, sea grass, rye straw, rice straw and water reed.

Thatch roof installation cost varies from $748 to$8166 depending on the size of the house.

Metal Roofing

This involves the use of corrugated galvanized iron made with wavy corrugations to repel flexing and fitted with open fasteners. It is majorly used for durability and low cost. Copper roofs may last for several years and offers ease of fabrication, can be curved, lighter weight compared to some other roofing materials and resistant to corrosion. Materials for metal roofing are available in that replicate tiles, shingles and slate. Metal seamed mechanically with fasteners contains sealant for use on low sloped roofs and also appropriate for roofs of low pitch.

Installation of metal roof may require a typical cost of between $615 and $6714.

Wood Shakes

Wood shakes consist of wood bolts such as red cedar that has up to 30 years life expectancy. They make a long durable roofing solution and attractive roof finish which may make a great design statement for your home. Preparation of wood shakes is the same to that of other roofing materials. Wood shakes are more expensive and need more time for installation.

The installation costs ranges from $1536 to $16768.

Natural Slate Roofs

These are commercial roofing materials that offer beautiful and classic look for homes on several designs. They are durable and long lasting material incase of proper maintenance.

Installation of slate roofs ranges between $2338 and $18617 due to special skills and tools required. Installation may require framing improvement due to its heavy weight.

In case of replacement or new construction, proper planning for your roof installation will ensure a durable and beautiful surface that will last for several years. Your commercial roofing contractor in Raleigh may assist you chose the best commercial roofing material that suits your budget.